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Brunch with a Punch

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Brekky, Aussie slang for breakfast, is part of the food culture here in Australia that is not to be taken lightly at all. Ruining someone's brekky is like ruining the whole day. There is no recovery and no mercy. To me, a cold coffee or an imperfectly poached egg on my sour dough toast definitely spell like trouble on table. Luckily, I have people close to me that will gladly spend an hour or two sipping freshly brewed coffee, feeling that crunch of avo toast, being amazed by glazed bacon and will not make room for more mushroom. Here now is the list of good brekky spots that I am compiling for both locals and visitors in Australia. More will definitely be added on the list so stay tuned!

Rating: 4 spoons

Highly Recommended from Menu:

Acai (on pic): Large Acai Bowl to fill your tummy up, add coffee as they perfectly make it

Wraps: Chicken and Halloumi Wrap if you are going for the non-usual Aussie brekky

Breakfast: Eggs Benedict, the poached egg perfectly melts on your tongue and not on your toast

Rating: 4 spoons

Highly recommended from Menu:

Breakfast with the Sakumas because of the softness of the salmon and its fresh taste

Mentaiko Pasta (on pic) will make you forget the taste of the last pasta you ate, with unique flavor and sauce that you never tasted before

Rating: 4 spoons

Highly recommended from Menu:

Ricotta Pancakes (on pic). Who says you can't put cheese on your pancakes? You will never get enough cheese for sure.

Jasmine Smoked tea Salmon added on any of their Classics Menu. Salmon lovers will keep on coming back for this.

Ho's Coffee and Bakery

Rating: 4 spoons

Highly recommended from Menu:

Don't be fooled by the simple vibe of the place as this is a fave stop for Sydenham locals like me.

Pork Chop with Rice (on pic) if you feel like indulging with Asian food and you don't feel like cooking it. The softness and tastiness of the pork and their special sauce on the side will definitely take your palate to Asia.

Banh Mi for they specially prepare the meat (choice of chicken or pork, bbq or not). The veggies are really fresh too.

Upcoming Posts About:

Sydney: Cuppa Flower, The Tinhorn, Celcius Coffee Co

Hobart: Pigeon Hole Cafe

Rotorua: Scope

Byron Bay: Safya

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