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Easy Cooking

Since I left my first home, the Philippines that is, I had to do everything in the house. Contrary to before, we did not have a helper but my mom usually wants only her to do the cooking. Household chores aren't burdens for me, except of course dishwashing. (I can hear lots of Amen to that.)

Living alone has its perks. Cooking my own food is one that I always enjoy. It makes me think a lot but in a good way. It destresses me. Planning meals for the week based on my cravings and some healthy diet goals give me satisfaction. The shopping of course at the supermarket amps up that excitement every weekend. I don't memorize recipes and I do not have my own. But I believe that my dishes taste good because I am happy everytime I cook.

My meal plan for the week always have pasta, Filo dish, fish or meat and veggies. Here are some of the easy cooking menu I mix and match in my meal plan.

1. Seafood Marinara Pasta. I use the marinara mix being sold in Woolsworths and red pasta sauce like arrabiata or sundried tomato sauce (on pic).

2. Pork Sinigang (sour soup). I use sinigang mix from Philippines. I interchange salmon, prawns and pork depending on my food cravings. I use green chili, spinach and aubergine to mix veggies with it.

3. Baked Salmon. I use salmon with skin and put olive oil, pepper, salt, garlic and thyme. I grate cheddar cheese on top then bake it (no cheese on pic though). With parmesan cheese is not as good as when you use with cheddar. I bake it either with tomatoes or asparagus (on pic).

4. Chicken and Pork Adobo. Another Filo dish that is so easy to cook. I fry the pork or chicken first before mixing it with my sauce. I put vinegar too towards the end.

5. Steak. Medium-Rare is my preference. I use rump part. I eat with asparagus, green beans (on pic) and sometimes with mushroom too. I cook it using my stone non stick frying pan and just with butter, thyme and garlic.

6. Baked Mussels. I use New Zealand Mussels and pour the broth on each mussel, that was produced from cooking mussels. I bake them with cheddar cheese and garlic on top of each mussel.

7. Cereal Prawns. This is not my usual but when my friends bring me Nestum Cereals from Asia, I cook cereal prawns too. The recipe I follow is this.

I hope that this blog gave you some ideas for your easy meal planning and cooking. You can ask me anytime if you have questions on the recipe I use to cook them. You can also search for Instagram posts with hashtag #destressedcooking to see all my cooking related posts. Happy cooking!

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