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Living on a Prayer

No, this is not about Bon Jovi's classic song. But that song title make great sense nowadays. Living on a prayer means that when your situation is not sure, certain, and safe, you're living, hoping and praying that everything will work out.

It was 2 months and 15 days ago that Covid-19 virus first struck Australia. It has been 11 days since I started working from home. And the end for both is unknown. Many people have become restless over hearing sad news from social media on how this virus have been impacting lives. However, we still continue to do so as this is the only way to get updated and act accordingly. In Australia, restrictions on public gatherings, businesses and around social distancing escalate everyday. Which thankfully have been causing the decrease of the growth of new cases recently. Various stimulus packages have been released to financially aid Australian workers, businessmen, renters and job seekers. They are all meant to keep Australian economy afloat and get us all to the "other side". All these are now shaking the visible world we live in and have caused to change how we behave and how we perceive the future.

I choose to believe, however, in these simple principles.

The good things invisible to the eye matter more. Those are the feelings inside you every time you wish for good health for yourself, your family, our leaders, the frontline workers. They are the hopes that those who are sick from the virus will recover tomorrow and those that died will peacefully rest. They are the positive thoughts you have after a short walk or exercise, regardless if it was caused by endorphins. It is the patience that you choose to practice as we face the new norm of socially distanced but virtually connected world. It is your faith to that One greater being that knows what is happening, what is ahead of us and most especially that we will get past this.

Tough times never last but tough people do. This is the perfect time to toughen up. For the parents, be brave for the kids. Give them hope that these things will pass away. For the ones who have jobs but worrying and those who lost jobs, be still. None of these are permanent unless we choose not to do something. For the ones who are sick, be calm. Peace of mind is powerful. For the healthy and strong, be generous. All of the things that we have are blessings. They are meant to be shared.

Each of us is a part of something and belongs to someone. Quarantine, social distance, lockdown and isolation. These are all words that imbibe feeling of emptiness and loneliness. But think of these words rather --community, family, country, church. Each of us belongs to one or more of these. Belonging to something means that you are not alone. Someone can help you. There are leaders ruling us. There is a God that will see us through.

When you think it is the edge of the cliff, think again. We don't know how low the fall will be.

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