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Regaining Power

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

When we talk about power, we instantly imagine a person ruling another. In some cases, we describe it also as something that ignites and causing things to move. But imagine if we believe that power is within you ruling yourself and causing, you, to move. You will feel invincible and you can be limitless.

I can definitely relate to this as this what made me create this blog in the first place, to inspire the world with the experiences that I had whether good or bad, with the thoughts that were results of my curiosity and failures, and with the causes that I support in various ways. Admittedly, i thought about creating a blog when I was not in a good place. I was on bed for days. I can barely eat. I even lost weight (alas). The easiest thing to do then was just cry my heart out. It was the emptiest moment in my life. Then, I talked to an expert and she left me only with three words, "Regain your Power". There was no choice after but to ask myself these 5 hard questions.

"Where does my power come from?"

"When do I feel powerful?"

"What do I like about myself?"

"What do I not like about myself?"

"What do I want to do next to feel powerful and to like myself again?"

After all the reflections, I didn't realise this, how much energy you can have by just focusing on the power that you lost. How ironic can that be, I said. Whilst those questions were hard, it made it easier for me to unleash my inner strength. When we can't draw energy from the outside, the only thing left reasonable to do is take it from the inside.

I, then, remembered two life experiences when I felt most powerful. It was when I decided to live thousand miles away from my family, and retiring from a job that I loved, after working 14 straight years. When I didn't like myself then, great things came around. My sharing of that story when I moved abroad and underwent early retirement is definitely worth another post, for sure. So stay tune for that.

For now, I encourage you to ask yourself with this question, "If you have extra 24 hours every day, how will you spend it?" I hope you will spend it on plans you have placed on the back-burner for long. Or maybe, with people that you have not talked or met for a long time. Could be for activities that you fear or dislike, too. If life is not short after all, we can try more and enjoy too even when failing.


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