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Saturdays at The Market

My family has grown to this habit of going to markets every Saturday. That is the time when you surely find fresh produce for your meals on the week ahead. When I moved to Singapore, it became grocery shopping every Saturday. I never went to "wet markets". The fresh eating at hawker shops became the substitute. Only recently that I have gone back to this old family habit when I came to Carriageworks Farmers Markets.

The Finds. I have recently got a first-hand experience of The Market. It brought a homey feeling and bit of proudness too for supporting the local shops. I came home with 2 bags full of these good finds. It was filled with lemon-pressed olive oil made by Alto (from Crookwell, NSW) that I can use for my pasta cooking, with Truffle Salt and Red Gum Smoked Salt of Olsson's (from South Australia) that I can use for my pan-fried fish fillets and steaks, with Farmer Joe's Paleo Granola (from Byron Bay Shire, Northern NSW) for my brekky, with Pasta Emilia's organic Arrabbiata sauce made with love in Surry Hills soon to be cooked and loved for my pasta, and finally with a very unique find Chilli Peanut Butter from Chunky Dave in Hazel, NSW soon to be in my tummy.

I tried nibbles from their food stalls and grabbed a burger for lunch. (On pic) Scotty, the only angus beef shop in the market, makes Tex Truffle Cheese Burger that has black angus beef, caramelised onions, cheese, lettuce, maple bacon, tomato chutney, beetroot, pickles and truffle mayo.

The Vibe. They have tables, chairs and benches with the beautiful tramshed-wall to complete the vibe. The place caters to all: singles, couples and families.

Despite without entrance fee, the crowd is controlled and properly managed as you can go from 8am-1pm (see short video clip).

The Shops. There are lots of stalls that you can enjoy with as shown on the photos below. Not all stalls were in the photos as they are best to be enjoyed by going there. I, for sure, will go back to refill my loot and bring my friends from here, and maybe from abroad. I really hope I bump into you there soon. Just make sure you bring enough cash for hassle-free payments but do not go out with empty wallets. Happy food shopping means happy tummy!


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