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The Roundabout

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

It is 12:10am. Imagine you are driving a car with fuel almost running low, already travelling for the past 4 hours but finally you are close to home. Then you approach a roundabout. Would you slow down as required or still go on 60kph showing on your speedometer, as no one is driving on the street other than you anyway? Not a tricky question nor a decision to be made based on practicality. When it comes to safety on the road, traffic rules are THE laws to abide by.

We do have figurative "roundabouts" in our lives. They make you slow down and check first what is on the right side. They bound you to stick to the lane that you chose from the start and suggest making signals always, except when exiting the crossing.

It slows us down

"Roundabouts" take form thru your past mistakes. Sometimes, from fears and lack of inspiration, too. In general, the things that cause second-guessing slow people down. No danger with that. Until and only when you suddenly and unreasonably stop.

What is on the right side rules

Right or wrong. Hot or cold. Everything in between is subject to preference or opinion. Our "roundabouts" aren't subject to preferences and opinions. They are the laws that we abide. They are values that we form as we go thru life. They aren't the norms that society dictates. They aren't your friends' advices. They are all the things right and acceptable to you, until it affects you. They are rights that you fight for. They are things oftentimes decided for you, too.

Mixed signals aren't acceptable

"Roundabouts" in life are those that make you seem things as boring. As they make you stick to only one way, any slight deviation would look exciting. They are your insecurities that make you indecisive, creating mixed signals that confuse you and others more.

Thee real burning question now is, how do you approach your "roundabouts" in life? This is entirely up to you. As for me, if I miss the turn, going circles until I make it right sounds way better than get hurt for just stopping midway and not trying.

#selfhelp #drivingtips #knowyourroundabouts

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