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Turning Point

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

22 April 2019. Here at Auckland Airport, now drained physically after the 9 day roadtripping yet inside is filled with joy, peace and inspiration. This recent trip challenged me for what I have been going thru lately but I am unimaginably and unexpectedly blessed with old friends that I met and new places that I saw, not for the last time for sure. I am thankful for the difficult hikes that made me reflect instead of focusing on being tired, for the natural creations that I won't normally see back home and for the bottomless joy and peace inside me that I don't know it exists until I badly need it.

I define this day as my turning point. After this, I can choose to stay as the same me once I am back home. Or I can accept the challenge, despite that there is no clear track ahead, to just flow and who cares with being calm, passive, wanting to be perfect, trying to understand everything and rationalising. I choose to be at peace, learn to wait, accept life's storm, discover the power of ignorance and let things be. No struggle and mistake should define me. I won't care if I fail again and again.

This is my turning point. I choose to be happy. I am a "frenchie".

(Inspired by French author F. Midal and his book, the french art of not giving a f*ck)

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